Officials Needed

Hello Sharks’ Parents,

I’m writing to you to encourage you to become a Stonebridge Sharks Stroke and Turn Official.

Why be an Official? There are lots of great reasons to become a stroke and turn official:

  • Support your child, your swim team and your fellow officials.
  • Get a Great View. Guaranteed best spot on the deck!!!
  • Professional collegiality.
  • We need YOU!!!

The Role of a Stroke and Turn Official: Officials are responsible for maintaining a fair and equitable competitive environment observing the Swimmers after the start, during the swim, turns, and at the finish. Remember: Swimmers disqualify (DQ) themselves, you just report the DQ to the Referee, who informs the coach. DQs allow coaches & swimmers learn what to work on to improve.

Officials are Professional: They take their role seriously, dress professionally and do their best to be fair. THEY HAVE FUN (and get free snacks and drinks during the meet’s halftime)!

Please join our incredible team of Super Shark Officials: John Hickey, Victor Katz, Gabriel Lai, Jiaen Liu, Fang Liu, Zhengrong Ma, Zahir Shad, Guihua Tian, Wenle Wang, Aijun Zhang, and Andy Zhou.

But I Don’t Know the Rules and Was Never a Swimmer

Don’t worry about that! All you need to do is Register and attend one of the four FREE local stroke & turn official’s clinic  offered by Potomac Valley Swimming. The clinic schedule is

June 2nd 8am at Olney Swim Center

June 3rd 6pm at Flower Hill

June 9th 8am at Olney Swim Center

June 11th 7pm at Germantown Swim Center

If you have any questions please reply to this email and I will be happy to answer any questions.

If you have extenuating circumstances and can’t fulfill your volunteer requirements at swim meets (4 times if you have one swimmer or 6 times if you have more than one swimmer), please let me know. There are other ways you can help the team.

THANK YOU to all the parents who have helped out at our car wash and baked for our bake sale! Enrollment is up this year and this is our first time in B Division! Let’s make it a successful and fun summer for the team!

Let’s Go SHARKS!
Joanne, Volunteer Coordinator

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