Information for upcoming Time Trials (June 8th)

Hi Sharks,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the first week of practice. It’s certainly been exciting for the coaches. Below are a few important details for the upcoming Swim Team Time Trials next Saturday.

Since we are using a new system this year (swimtopia), the registration deadline for  Time Trials (June 8th) will close this Thursday, June 6th at 6pm to give the administrators enough time to work with the new interface. Please take a minute and sign your swimmer up for their events and jobs this weekend. It’s really easy. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Some questions you may have are:

What are time trials and should I sign my swimmer up for them? Time Trials is a swim meet that we have at the very beginning of every season where we split the swim team into two groups (blue vs. black) and race amongst ourselves. It’s a friendly competition and a chance for swimmers to gain a baseline time for all their strokes. The coaches will use these times to select swimmers for the first A meet of the season. We recommend that all swimmers sign up for Time Trials in all strokes that they are legal in!

When do I show up? Please bring your swimmer at 7:45AM to the Stonebridge Pool in time to get sunscreen on and to be in the water by 8AM for warm-ups. It may be a little chilly in the morning, so bring warm clothing. Parking will be tight in our parking lot, so feel free to park all up and down Stonebridge View Dr. We will likely be done around noon!

How do I sign my swimmer up? To get to the link to sign up for Time Trials, click on the ‘Calendar of Events’ tab, and then click on the ‘Sign Up For Upcoming Events and Meets’ link.

Here is the link to make it easier: https://stonebridgesharks.swimtopia.com/swim_meets/282684/swim_meet_entries .

The following link provides detailed instructions on how to sign up for the meet and jobs: https://stonebridgesharks.swimtopia.com/how-to-sign-up-for-jobs-and-meets .

What is the approval/rejection process? After parents have signed up their swimmers, the coaches will look through all swimmer sign-ups and either approve your swimmer for all their events or reject certain events. Events will only be rejected if the swimmer clearly cannot demonstrate the ability to swim the stroke legally. If you are unsure if your swimmer is able to swim the stroke legally, sign them up anyway.

What if we can’t make it this Saturday? No worries! Time trials can be made-up during practice next week from Monday-Wednesday. Just tell a coach that you need to do a make-up time trial.

Again, please register for both the meet and jobs as soon as possible to help us out. It’s really easy. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Looking forward to Time Trials!


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