Coaches' Newsletter #2

We're basically halfway through the season! The first half has gone by so quickly. This Saturday, we faced off against the Northwest Branch Dolphins in our winter gear. But, we were far from cold. Amy Qin broke the 13-14 100IM record for the Sharks. Young Kim, Elizabeth Chen, and Ashley Woo showed their dominance by all breaking pool records. The Sharks were behind by 3 points at the half, but we never gave up. After a taunting cheer from them, we focused on the second half. We caught back up, making it tied before the relays. Our relay swimmers took advantage of the opportunity and pushed through to win both races, giving us the win! We finished the meet with a winning score of 403.5 to their 388.5! Good job Sharks! Our undefeated streak grows to 2-0.

This Wednesday was a battle against the Woodcliffe Wahoos. Considering the temperature, it was also a battle against the hot sun. We had a courageous 7-year old swimmer Mia Hickey take on the 100IM and she completed the race with confidence. Everyone was up and cheering and team spirit was all over the place. I saw swimmers like Thomas White, Lina Seo, and Jonathan Lei scream and yell for our team. Nathan Li even showed up to support even though he was not signed up to swim anything. This is the team spirit that I'm proud of. Let's keep it going for the rest of the season.

This week's theme is "Nerds." Although we don't have a spirit event, you can still show off your team spirit by showing up to meets in clothing that makes you look highly intelligent. Thick glasses, suspenders, tucked in dress shirts, and high high socks all help you out-smart the competition. I want everyone to show up looking like they have a big math test coming up. 

We will be facing the Woodley Gardens Waves this Saturday at home and the Lakelands Lionfish at their pool Wednesday. These mark the 3rd meets of this season.

Division B Gear? I know you guys are looking for ways to rep our Division. There is some really cool gear available for EVERYONE to buy. There are shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, etc. To be quite honest, they look really good and it isn't expensive at all.

If you're interested in buying, I'll paste a link for all of you guys to look at --->


Sunday is our A Relay Carnival. Swimmers that are qualified to swim are the top 4 swimmers in their age group. This week is the last week to qualify for this meet. Swim your best and you may earn a spot in one of the relays.

I'll end this week's newsletter by talking about the Coaches Long Course meet. This year, it will be held July 9th and the entries are due July 1st. If you are a top 8 swimmer in your age group in MCSL, then you qualify to swim. This is a very hyped and big meet across the county. I encourage everyone to come cheer, even if you are not swimming. This upcoming week is the last chance to qualify for this meet. Let's swim fast Sharks!


Stonebridge Coaches

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