Mid-Season Applications for CIT

Hey Sharks!

We're halfway through the season and I decided to open up applications for the Coach-in-Training role. If you were late for the first application deadline, or now have interest in being a CIT, this is the time to apply.

A CIT has many responsibilities on the team. As a CIT, I expect you to be able to come to as many practices and meets as you can. While at a meet or a practice, I want the CITs to learn from the coaches and understand how the coaching position works. CITs will learn how to manage practices, make line-ups, organize swimmers, and advocate team spirit. All CITs are given SSL hours at the end of the season based on how much time they volunteer for the team. The goal for a CIT is for them to be able to transition into an Assistant Coach within a year or two smoothly. I was a CIT for two years before becoming an official coach myself, and I believe it is important to go through this type of training to take your involvement with the team to the next level. If you have any questions on what being a CIT means, feel free to contact me.

The application I need from those who are interested is going to be due July 4th. All you have to do is write to me an extended paragraph answering these questions:

1. Why do you want to be a CIT?

2. What would make you a good CIT?

3. How available are you for the rest of season? (are you going out of town, vacation, etc)

If you are interested or know anyone interested in being a CIT, tell them that applications are open again! Email me at jeffreyqin21@gmail.com to submit your application. I will make a decision on the application you send as soon as possible.



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