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Mini Sharks Pre-Team 101

At Stonebridge, we put a lot of focus into our Mini-Sharks Pre-Team program.  This program is focused on kids who would like to learn how to swim, but need a little help. Skills will range from kids who are just starting to float on their stomach to kids who can swim halfway down the pool.  Our requirement is that your child is comfortable in the water, comfortable putting their head under water, and able to float on their stomach for 5 seconds.  

You can come in for an evaluation prior to the season if needed.  Children participating in the Mini-Sharks Pre-Team program must be registered for swim team.

Based on the evaluations, the Mini-Sharks will be divided into three different skill level groups to start out. Based on each swimmer's progress throughout the season, they may end up moving between different groups to better fit their needs.  The goal at the end of each season is to build confidence and an enjoyment for the sport, get each swimmer further than where they started, and hopefully get them across the pool so that they can graduate to our Swim Team!  Most importantly, we want them to have a lot of fun.

For all practices, there will be swim coaches assigned to each group and a Pre-Team Coordinator on-site. Parents/Guardians should ensure they check in with the Pre-Team Coordinator upon arrival.

There will be a Pre-Team meet at the end of the season.  

Pre-team practice is not a drop-off event. It is important that an adult responsible for your child be on-site during practice. Weather is unpredictable as are restroom needs so a designated adult must be available to tend to your child in these circumstances.

Pre-team swimmers and families are invited to participate in all swim team events and activities. Although there are no specific volunteer requirements for pre-team parents, we do encourage you to get involved and get to know other families in our community.

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