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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteers - A Critical and Fun Part of Summer Swimming!

As all returning Stonebridge parents know (and new parents will find out), it takes a tremendous number of volunteers to put on a swim meet. Volunteers establish enduring, sometimes lifelong friendships with each other that strengthen our community and support our children.

Your child’s swim meets require up to 50 adults to run a meet, including timers, officials, and salespersons. To ensure adequate coverage, we need parents to volunteer about 3 times each season.  Though many parents volunteer far more often and we greatly appreciate it!

Time trials require more volunteers as there is no opposing team to share the workload. Time Trials is a great time to try new volunteer roles and to meet other Shark parents.

Here's some additional information on our volunteer positions:

Certified Positions

MCSL training is required for all Certified positions.

Certified Referee: The Certified Referee is the final arbiter of all decisions and questions during the meet and has full authority over all officials, assigning and instructing them. The referee must be thoroughly familiar with all applicable USS rules and MCSL rules, all meet procedures and duties of all officials. Typically, referees were timers, starters and stroke and turn officials in their earlier years of volunteering. MCSL training is needed for this job.

Certified Starter: The Certified Starter has complete control over the swimmers from the time the Referee signals the start of the race until after a fair start has been achieved. The Starter calls the swimmers to their starting positions - to "take your mark" – and decides if any false starts have occurred, which needs the concurrence of the referee. MCSL training is needed for this job.

Certified Stroke & Turn Official: Stroke and Turn Officials determine whether the swimmers performed their strokes and turns in accordance with the prescribed rules of MCSL. Two Stroke and Turn Officials are required at each swim meet. MCSL training is needed for this job.

Other Positions

Announcer: The Announcer announces all the events for the meet and each individual’s name. The Announcer needs to keep tabs on the completion of each heat as it is swum. The Announcer can begin announcing the next event shortly after the last swimmer in the previous event has touched the wall and works closely with the Starter to keep the meet running smoothly.

Concessions: Salespersons help layout, prepare and sell food, snacks, drinks, and programs. They collect money for purchases and give the sales proceeds to the Team Treasurer. At the end of the meet, they help clean up the snack bar area and may enlist the help of swimmers passing by.

Set Up/Clean Up: For home meets only, these parents arrive at least an hour before the meet is scheduled to start (when warmups start), and help with clearing the pool deck, roping off team areas, placing chairs for each lane, setting up the concession stand, starting equipment, and other activities. After the meet ends, these parents take down all the meet equipment, clean up the pool area and conduct a walkthrough of the bathrooms to make sure everything has been cleaned up and we leave the pool as good or better than when they arrived. They may enlist the support of coaches and swimmers to clean up trash or resolve other issues they find.

Photographer: Responsible for taking pictures for the team throughout the meet and upload them to a Sharks gmail account afterwards. Instructions will be emailed to the Photographer on how to upload the photographs. The Photographer needs to bring his/her personal camera with zoom. A cell phone’s camera is not acceptable. Volunteer credit will be received after verification of photos uploaded. The Photographer’s efforts are much appreciated as his/her work is shown during the end-of-year slide show at our banquet.


Head Timer: The Head Timer makes sure all timers are in place and ready for each heat, communicates with the Starter and acts as 3rd/back-up timer when a timer's watch malfunctions. The Head Timer works the entire meet. We need a Head Timer for our home Saturday A and Wednesday B meets.

Assistant Head Timer: Responsible for assisting the Head Timer and acts as a 3rd timer when a timer's watch malfunctions. We need an assistant Head Timer for our away Saturday A and Wednesday B meets.

Timers: 3 timers per lane are required for all meets (1/2 from each team). A stopwatch is provided and you are trained by the Starter and Head Timer before the meet begins. Please do not sign up for a slot unless you are able to stay for the whole meet (or find someone to relieve you). No experience is necessary but if this is your first time timing, please sign up for Lanes 2 or 5. Timers in Lanes 1 & 6 also serve as take-off judges for the relays that compete in Lanes 2-5.

Runner: After an event is completed, the runner takes the time sheets and relay cards from each of the lanes and places them in the bucket (which gets pulled up to automation).


Computer Operator: The Computer Operator types the times into the computer and operates the computer program during the meet, making the data and name changes to reflect the results of the coaches’ scratch meeting.

Reader (Scorer): The Reader reads the times to the Computer Operator from the timer sheets.

Verifier: The Verifier checks the times the computer operator enters into the system and checks the results from the computer after each event against the timer sheets to be sure the times were entered accurately.

The Verifier or Reader may need to communicate with the Referee or Head Timer to validate any illegible writing by the timers or to request improvements.

Bucket Person/Results Poster: Bucket Person receives the time sheets from the runner (bucket) and puts them in lane order, staples any disqualified (DQ) card to the appropriate sheet (making sure the DQ has been signed by the referee), and double checks the official time, circling it if it is not already circled, then gives it to the Computer Operator. The Poster retrieves the results from automation and tapes the results to the wall.

Ribbon Writer: Ribbon Writer will attach "Placement" stickers for each event onto the ribbons during the meet. This person is also responsible for sorting and organizing the ribbons as they are generated.  

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